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Wow, what a week, lots to write about.... but not right now. Right now I just want to mention that tonight is a set of free concerts in Columbus at the Promowest complex on Neil Ave (across from Nationwide Arena). It's all part of a "beat Michigan" night at the three different venues there, and The Other Paper has the full story on the controversy the led to the whole thing being FREE, and Watershed has posted their own take on it.

Anyway, the Dead Schembechlers are a Watershed side-band (which is why both bands are playing) that comes out only for the annual "Hate Michigan" rallies. I've never seen them play, but then I'm not so into the whole OSU-UofM rivalry anymore anyway. But a Watershed show is pretty rare these days, and a free one is always a good thing.

Oh yeah, if you'd prefer a different free show, you can also choose the All-American Rejects. The third show, Escape The Fate, is sold out.
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Hey look, Watershed is touring again, and is playing in Columbus this Friday January 11 at the LC Pavilion. I'm pretty sure I'm going. How about you?
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I think I've heard that more people travel on Thanksgiving weekend than any other time of year. Unlike many people, my travels so far this weekend have been pretty relaxing.

Yesterday afternoon I drove from Canton to Columbus, but since I suspected there would be a lot of traffic backups on the interstates I took an alternate route -- US 62 winding from Canton through Amish country and forested hills to Columbus. It took about half an hour longer than my usual routes, but it was a lot more scenic.

Today I headed back to Canton in order to catch [livejournal.com profile] the_shampoo's post-Thanksgiving dinner party. I left Columbus a bit later than I'd intended, but wasn't too concerned. After all, it was a warm day for late November, and wonderfully sunny. And I had Watershed's first few CDs on the stereo the whole way. Perfect driving conditions.

A slight snag at the other end )

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm heading back to Columbus for the rest of the weekend.

Oh, and for those who've been flying this weekend, here's Airport security silliness )
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The schedule for Comfest has been posted!

Friday through Sunday, June 23-25, I'll be in Columbus spending almost all my time in Goodale Park. Here are the parts of the schedule that currently have the most interest for me:

Fri noon-1 (Live Arts Stage) drum circle
Fri 2:30-3 (Live Arts Stage) Kate Weilnau (poetry)
Fri 7:50-8:20 (Solar Stage) Marcy Mays (ex-Scrawl)
Fri 10-11 (Bozo Stage) The Sun

Sat noon-1 (Gazebo Stage) Room Nineteen
Sat 1:30-2 (Solar Stage) Michelle Lundy (ex-Dogrocket)
Sat 4-5 (Offramp Stage) The Townsmen
Sat 6-7 (Bozo Stage) Watershed
Sat 6-7 (Jazz Stage) Circus of Cool
Sat 7-8 (Bozo Stage) Willie Phoenix Band

Sun 5-6 (Live Arts Stage) Poetry Slam
Sun 6-7 (Live Arts Stage) drum circle
Sun 6:15-7 (Offramp Stage) Red Dahlia

Obviously there are a couple evenings when I'll have to make a decision about what to do....

Update: I somehow missed Marcy Mays on the Solar Stage when I first looked at the schedule, and was surprised not to see some Scrawl presence. Too bad Manda And The Marbles are still missing; I think they're trying to figure out who their guitarist is. (Watershed and Willie Phoenix are others I'd be surprised to see absent from the schedule, but happily they're there.)
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I've been trying to pay more attention to what bands are coming to the Cleveland-Akron area (forget Canton, nobody comes here), and my calendar has taken an unexpected shape. Three weeks in a row there are shows that interest me on Wednesday nights. Then a Thursday.

I happened to recall this fact around 8 last night, just in time to check the calendar and see that in fact the series started last night with The Reputation playing at the Beachland Tavern. The show was scheduled to start at 9, with two opening bands, so I figured if I got there by 11 I'd be fine, and I'd probably be home a bit after 1. I was right, amazingly enough.

I got there at about a quarter till 11, and the second band was still playing. Soon Elizabeth from the Reputation saw me and came over to chat a bit, but I couldn't hear most of what she was saying. (This is a big reason I don't have any close friends in the indie rock world even though I sorta know a lot of people -- it's always too loud for a conversation. It's also one of many reasons that trying to meet people in bars isn't a good thing.) The Reputation went on shortly after 11, and I noticed that Elizabeth hadn't set up a keyboard; unusually for this band, it was to be an all-rocking set with no slow piano-driven songs. (I like the fast songs best.) Along with my favorites from their two CDs, I counted four great new songs; the last of them took me until the chorus to get into, but after that I was totally hooked. There were only about two dozen people in the place, most of which were at the bar instead of in front of the stage, so it was quite the intimate show.

Afterward I hung around a bit, waiting for a chance to talk to Elizabeth without a band playing, but of course everyone wanted to talk to her. Eventually she actually told people she needed to go talk to me. She was marveling that I was the person there that had been going to see her play the longest, since I was a fan of her old band, Sarge, and saw them play a couple times in Columbus in the mid-late 90s. Of course, there still wasn't time for much of a conversation, since I had to get home to bed and she had lots of others to talk to (not to mention packing up the gear).

Next Wednesday is The Sounds at the House of Blues. I've never been to the House of Blues, and I'm not that familiar with the Sounds, so I'm not sure if I'll go to this one, but when I heard them I liked them.

The following Wednesday is Watershed, a favorite Columbus band I've been going to see since 1993, playing at the Beachland. This is pretty much a must for me.

And then the following Thursday, again at the Beachland, is Kathy Valentine & The Impossible. Kathy Valentine was the bassist for the Go-Gos, which is why this one interests me.
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Two weeks ago I started writing about a busy weekend, and got about halfway through it before putting it down. When I thought about continuing, I realized that my writeup was way too long and boring. Meanwhile, I had another (much quieter) weekend, and then a weekend together with my wife. But I still felt like I had unfinished business.

So, trashing the long writeup I attempted before, here's a quick rundown of the past three weekends....

Busy )

Quiet )

Together )

Ah, now I feel better.... all is right in this part of the world again. :-)
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I think I've finally straightened out my schedule, at least for the next couple weeks. After that I'm still a bit uncertain.....

A couple good shows in Columbus this weekend -- tonight is Room Nineteen at Skully's, and tomorrow night is Watershed at Little Brother's. I might even be able to make it to the Watershed show!

But before I head to Columbus should finish getting my car fixed. Last night I took it in for an oil change and general checkup (I could hear and feel that it needed help), and it turned out it needed quite a bit of work: the brakes and tires were shot (got that taken care of last night), and an oil leak caused the main belt to be shot too, not to mention a holey muffler (getting all that taken care of tomorrow). $1700+ in all. Ugh.

I'm also getting a little closer to buying a new CD/MP3 stereo for the car. I found an install kit just for the weird shape of my Saturn's dashboard. I also found a store-brand stereo at Best Buy with a USB port (with a loose flip-down face that gives the buttons a bad spongy feeling), and JVC sells some nicer ones that take SD/MMC cards (such as the KD-AR5500 and the KD-LH910, but I prefer knobs over buttons, and buttons over touch-screens). I'm not sure I've found just the right one yet though, especially among those I know are available now.
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Usually on Wednesday nights I veg out in front of TV, since most of the few shows I watch are on then -- Lost, Alias, and possibly Smallville (fitting all three in can make things interesting). But this week there's a lot more going on.

I could drive an hour to the Grog Shop in Cleveland to see The Reputation play around 9:00.

Or I could drive two hours to Skambo's (at Gay & High) in Columbus to see a Midwest Poetry Slam at 7:00, which will include an old friend coming from Michigan to participate.

Unfortunately I have to go to work Thursday morning, so Columbus is probably out of the question as usual. (Hmm, I wonder if I could persuade Kate to detour through Canton on the way home.) But since The Reputation are on early, I could go there and maybe be back by 11 or so.... though if the slam could be only two hours long then I could go there (half an hour late) and still be back by 11 or so.

Update: Yet another option -- Watershed is playing near Youngstown, opening(?) for the Clarks. They're also playing in Columbus at the Newport on Friday. Oh, but they'll be in Akron at AMP on the 28th, so that makes my life easier.
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It's always odd to get attention from unexpected directions, even when I'm just trying to give attention to someone else.....

This morning I was listening to the latest edition (a mondo two-hour two-parter) of the Insomnia Radio podcast. I was enjoying music from such bands as Enter The Haggis and The Explosion, and then about 20 minutes or so into part 1, I heard the following:
I got an email a couple weeks ago from one Rob Funk, who is a listener of the show, and he suggested a band to play. Their name is Watershed. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna read a portion of his email, and it will serve as a way of introducing the band to you guys with his words. And a huge thank-you, Rob, for steering me in their direction.
I don't know if you've heard from/about them or not, but another band you might check into is Watershed. Like Manda And The Marbles, they're from Columbus, and they just released a new album this week on Idol Records. They come from the Cheap Trick school of rock, with other influences including the Kinks, the Stones, the Cult, the Replacements, Springsteen, and a bit of AC/DC. I've been a big fan of theirs since 1993, and they're really nice guys too. They released an album and a half on Sony/Epic back around 1995, but then got dropped (something to do with Michael Jackson's poor sales) and have been all-indie since.
So, this track, courtesy of Rob and Watershed, it is called "Obvious", it's from their new release The Fifth of July. This is Watershed. Enjoy.
After the song he went on to say how much he ([livejournal.com profile] hc_insomnia) now loves Watershed ("the second kick-ass band coming out of Columbus that I've heard of in the past couple months") and is surprised he hadn't heard of them before.

He also linked from the podcast's blog to my web site, so hello to anyone who bothered coming here from that direction!
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OK, I should probably put something here....

Tonight is one of the many nights it'd be nice to be in Columbus, since Watershed is playing at Skully's, and I haven't seen them in a while.

But since I'm in Canton, I'll probably go to an artist opening event at Second April instead.


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