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Name:Rob Funk
Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States of America

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24 hour restaurants, 42, 802.11, 80s music, 90s music, aardman, ad hoc solutions, alternative culture, alternative media, alternative rock, babylon 5, bands you've never heard, bass guitar, beachland ballroom, bernie's distillery, biking, black orchid, books, cameron crowe, celtic rock, civil liberties, civil rights, cleveland, columbus, columbus ohio, comfest, comparative religion, compersion, computer security, creative nonfiction, daniel quinn, danny elfman, debian, delenn, digital photography, dirt bike annie, discovering new music, double meanings, douglas adams, dramarama, drumming, dumbek, earth, eddie izzard, ellie arroway, emacs, email, eris, eros, ethnic food, female fronted bands, feminism, fletch, forests, graphic novels, gregory mcdonald, grog shop, http, hüsker dü, imap, indian food, indie pop, indie rock, j. michael straczynski, joss whedon, kaylee frye, kde, kevin smith, kubuntu, liberal values, linux, magical realism, manda and the marbles, media, middle eastern music, mod rock, monty python, movies, muppets, music, mutant enemy, neil gaiman, neopaganism, network effects, network protocols, nikola tesla, ohio, oingo boingo, openbsd, paganism, pantheism, perl, photography, pixar, podcasts, pop punk, power pop, programming languages, progressive politics, promethea, punk rock, questioning reality, richard bach, rivers, robert sheckley, room nineteen, ruby programming, sacred chao, san francisco, sandman, science fiction, scrawl, secular paganism, sensuality, sex-positive, smtp, spontaneity, subjective reality, sufficiently advanced technology, susan ivanova, sustainability, taking things apart, taoism, techno-luddism, technorealism, terry pratchett, the clash, the eyeliners, the kinks, the moon, the ramones, the replacements, the sun, the who, tim burton, too much joy, trees, ubuntu, unix, used kids records, vegetarianism, watergate, watershed, wifi, willow, world music, xkcd, zen
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