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Over a year ago, [personal profile] featherynscale announced the 2009 CD Swap. The participants were divided into groups, and were to send out mix CDs to the rest of their group. The primary rule, besides being playable on a normal CD player, was that the CDs must have a theme.

I had participated in 2008, and since it took a couple months to get my CDs out that I made that my theme: It's About Time!

I had no idea that I'd be much much later with my 2009 CDs. I finally mailed them out yesterday morning. I ended up making two mixes this time:

Boys & Girls And Other Options )

Songs For The End Of The World )

(I did make a few extras, if anybody else wants one.)

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I recently discovered that NPR has quite an extensive rock/pop/folk music section on their website. This includes the weekly show All Songs Considered, which I haven't listened to much but seems sorta like a more-NPR-sounding version of Sound Opinions.

But the really cool part is that they have downloadable recordings of full concerts, including:
(The) Gossip
... among others that I'm still exploring.

Oh yeah, and NPR provides podcast links to all this music, in seemingly endless permutations.

(By the way, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney is part of the NPR music staff, which is especially amusing when she's covering the Gossip show as a reporter/fan and Beth Ditto gives her a shout-out from stage as an inspiration.)

Oh, and just because this song came on after I listened to the Gossip show, I have to add that no matter what the haters say, Courtney Love rocks.
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  • 09:00 Listening to Indigo Girl Amy Ray rock out solo on Sound Opinions. Sounds like Melissa Etheridge. Who knew she has 3 solo rock albums? #
  • 18:46 Eating before facing a dark snowy drive home. Hoping to avoid speeding 22-year-olds. Not to mention ice. #
  • 22:11 made it home without incident. At least I no longer live in the snowy northeast. #
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This song has been going through my head a lot lately, mostly for the lyric "But lately there ain't been much work on account of the economy."

(Well, and also "... Her body tan and wet down at the reservoir.")

So I thought I'd share.

Hear more... )
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Wow, what a week, lots to write about.... but not right now. Right now I just want to mention that tonight is a set of free concerts in Columbus at the Promowest complex on Neil Ave (across from Nationwide Arena). It's all part of a "beat Michigan" night at the three different venues there, and The Other Paper has the full story on the controversy the led to the whole thing being FREE, and Watershed has posted their own take on it.

Anyway, the Dead Schembechlers are a Watershed side-band (which is why both bands are playing) that comes out only for the annual "Hate Michigan" rallies. I've never seen them play, but then I'm not so into the whole OSU-UofM rivalry anymore anyway. But a Watershed show is pretty rare these days, and a free one is always a good thing.

Oh yeah, if you'd prefer a different free show, you can also choose the All-American Rejects. The third show, Escape The Fate, is sold out.
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I've been a fan of podcasts for nearly four years now. If you don't already know, those are online radio shows with subscription feeds. I add the RSS/XML feed URL to my "podcatching" program, and my computer automatically downloads MP3s of shows as they're released; then I periodically copy them over to whatever is the most convenient player. Over the past few years the medium has become more well-known (mostly thanks to support in iTunes), and the selection of shows has changed, mostly increasing but of course some of my old favorites have either stopped or severely curtailed their frequency.

At first I tried to grab the latest shows every morning, and listen to them at work. Now I have a better system, partly thanks to working at home. I first separate the podcasts into two major categories, music and talk (there are some gray areas though, as seen below). For the music podcasts, I grab up to two weeks' worth of shows at a time (depending on how far behind I am), and mix those in with random songs from my personal collection so that I never go more than about 60-90 minutes without getting a few songs I already know I like; this way I get a good mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar. Then with the talk podcasts, every Monday I update a CD-RW with the new shows from the past week, then listen to those in the car throughout the week. Often I'll add a few episodes of a new show, to check out in any extra time at the end of the week.

Individual Songs )
Music Shows )
Music/Talk )
Talk )
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The 2008 Comfest schedule is up.

Looks like the big news is Black 47 and Michelle Shocked.
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[I started writing this yesterday, but a network hiccup when trying to post it made me lose most of it and I had to start over. I think it was better the first time.]

Tuesday night I went to see Gogol Bordello at the Newport. Wow, what a show. The band went on around 9:30, and played two sets, ending around 11:30. I started out near the middle of the floor, and it was the first time in years I've had to dodge a moshpit; there's no question about the "punk" in the "gypsy punk" label, especially in the first few songs. But the "gypsy" part was the star, with some additional reggae/dub elements as well.

It was also truly a show, with as many as nine performers on stage at once. I already knew going in about the showiness of bandleader Eugene Hütz, but the show also featured an Ecuadorean MC/percussionist and two dancers/singers/percussionists (the only women in the band, who spent much of the later part of the show carrying and playing cymbals and bass drum, marching band style). And the front of the stage was rarely without a pair of Russians on electric violin and accordion. More in the background were the guitarist, 5-string bassist, and drummer (the only American in the group).

The whole thing was a much more visual experience than I expected, which is good since the Newport's sound has never been all that great. But of course it was also a high-energy musical experience. Sure, I like some songs better than others, and only even knew the songs from the latest album, but that just means I need to get some of their earlier albums.

There were lots of people taking pictures and videos with their cameras and phones, but so far I haven't found anything on YouTube or Flickr that does justice to what I saw (and so far only one set of photos from the Columbus show).

Next week is Peter Murphy, which I expect to be fun in a totally different way....
Music:: Gogol Bordello - "Harem In Tuscany (Taranta)"
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This week we gained possession of a pair of 8GB iPod Touches, through a surprisingly generous rebate program.

The iPod Touch is unlike any previous iPods, but is very similar to the iPhone. It's basically an iPhone without the phone, camera, or bluetooth. That doesn't sound like it leaves much, but what it leaves is high-resolution video iPod functionality, plus wi-fi networking, built on top of a miniature Mac OS X complete with web browser, email client, and other programs.

Apple's firmware doesn't allow adding apps that aren't already there, other than using web apps designed for the iPhone/iTouch platform. (A new firmware version coming soon will open this up a bit, but not by much.) However, people have figured out ways of fixing ("jailbreaking") the firmware to allow installing third-party apps, and there's even a de-facto standard packaging/installing system to make it easy to get and install programs.

A Linux guy gets started with iPod Touch )
Jailbreak for the good stuff )
Some added applications )
Music! )
Video )

So yeah, quite the fun toy here.....
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Some fun coming up in the next couple months.....

Sat May 3 - OSU Medieval & Renaissance Faire (a.k.a. RenFest), where I'll be running sound for [livejournal.com profile] duriyah's bellydance troupe.
Tue May 13 - Eddie Izzard at the Columbus Palace Theatre (We have our tickets!)

Wed Jun 4 - i:Scintilla at High Five
Sat Jun 7 - She Wants Revenge at the Newport Music Hall
Tue Jun 10 - Gogol Bordello at the Newport Music Hall
Fri Jun 20 - Peter Murphy at the Newport Music Hall
Fri-Sun Jun 27-29 - Comfest!


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