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  • 09:00 Listening to Indigo Girl Amy Ray rock out solo on Sound Opinions. Sounds like Melissa Etheridge. Who knew she has 3 solo rock albums? #
  • 18:46 Eating before facing a dark snowy drive home. Hoping to avoid speeding 22-year-olds. Not to mention ice. #
  • 22:11 made it home without incident. At least I no longer live in the snowy northeast. #
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  • 15:10 may finally be nearing the end of this cold. Or maybe it's the drugs. Time for more tea. Do not want this snow. #
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There was some really close lightning/thunderbolts last night.

The damage so far:
- A bunch of circuit breakers and at least one ground-fault circuit-interruptor had to be reset (despite the breakers not appearing to have tripped)
- One blown fuse, disabling the water pressure tank, leaving us with no water in the house. (I replaced the fuse with a circuit breaker that fits the socket.)
- The display on my fancy two-line desk phone is dead, so I no longer know who's calling (among other uses of that display). I'll need to check the surge protection on that.

Things are better now that the water is fixed (and will be better still after I finally get a shower), but the phone damage is a repeating low-level annoyance.
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Sunday night we returned from PSG, very hot (it was 105 in the shade much of the week) and tired. I'm better now. At one point I had stories, but I don't remember them now. Except that Margot Adler is really cool.

Now I'm watching it rain and trying to remember the last time I saw that particular weather phenomenon.
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OK, I think I'm giving in the the idea that it just might be too dangerous to drive 140 miles across Ohio tonight. And since I feel safer driving on the freeway than around the malls in this weather, finishing my shopping is going to get interesting.

The snow today was nice though, until it turned into freezing rain during our walk to the corner store.

And what's up with this storm coming from the south? Mississippi has something to answer for here, I think.

In other news, yesterday I got my zip code locator program done (basically), so that someone can type their zip code and find the nearest addresses in the database. Of course, there's a level of inaccuracy due to the size of zip codes, another level of inaccuracy due to using the Census Bureau's free-but-not-quite-ZIP ZCTA database, and yet another level of inaccuracy due to the program's assumption that longitude and latitude are flat-earth coordinates. I found a useful explanation of how to find accurate distances on the globe, but ended up deciding that within the limits of the continental U.S., a form-imposed 200-mile limit for "nearest" locations, and the already-vague locations given by the ZCTA database, the flat earth assumption wouldn't further distort things too badly.
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Well, we returned from Pagan Spirit Gathering Sunday night around 8pm. I had to miss Comfest for PSG this year, but I think I made up for it by making it a very musical PSG.

Before we left we were somewhat apprehensive about going, for various reasons. One of those was that last year when we returned from a very wet PSG we found three inches of water in the basement, due to a broken pipe. This year the worst that we found was that ants had discovered a cookie we'd accidentally left on the counter. (Luckily it was in a container that somewhat impeded their access to it.)

One notable aspect of this PSG was making the 11:00 news on Cleveland's notorious channel 19. They tried to get in both through the gate and through the woods, then buzzed the morning meeting with a helicopter. How a private event in the woods of southern Ohio is considered news in Cleveland is beyond me.
Check out the resulting report:
[Windows Media stream] [32MB MPEG] [Stills & more info] [Wisteria's Report]

Anyway, this PSG was really good for me. I feel quite refreshed.

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Now we're going out of town again this weekend (to Columbus). So I guess we'd better get unpacked soon so we can re-pack.

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