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Wow, what a week, lots to write about.... but not right now. Right now I just want to mention that tonight is a set of free concerts in Columbus at the Promowest complex on Neil Ave (across from Nationwide Arena). It's all part of a "beat Michigan" night at the three different venues there, and The Other Paper has the full story on the controversy the led to the whole thing being FREE, and Watershed has posted their own take on it.

Anyway, the Dead Schembechlers are a Watershed side-band (which is why both bands are playing) that comes out only for the annual "Hate Michigan" rallies. I've never seen them play, but then I'm not so into the whole OSU-UofM rivalry anymore anyway. But a Watershed show is pretty rare these days, and a free one is always a good thing.

Oh yeah, if you'd prefer a different free show, you can also choose the All-American Rejects. The third show, Escape The Fate, is sold out.
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Columbus has a couple of interesting festivals going on tomorrow....

First, every year at Vet's Memorial there's the India Festival, which I expect to have some really good food.

But there's also a new but ambitious festival downtown on Gay Street, which has been given the unfortunate name "Independents' Day". The organizers seem to want it to grow into something similar to Austin's famous SXSW, and to that end the schedule includes lots of music, lots of visual and performance art, and even a track of "Interactive/Idea" talks, many of which look pretty interesting. I'm really intrigued by this one.

Oh yeah, and while I'm at it, I should mention that the sixth annual Ohio LinuxFest is coming up on October 11, with a long list of talks as well as a bunch of exhibitor booths. Be sure to register soon so they know how many are coming.
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Sadly, I only managed to make it to one evening of Comfest, and that was dominated by watching two performances: Circus Of Cool and bellydance-enhanced Yogi Poets. I got some good pictures though.
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The 2008 Comfest schedule is up.

Looks like the big news is Black 47 and Michelle Shocked.
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Some fun coming up in the next couple months.....

Sat May 3 - OSU Medieval & Renaissance Faire (a.k.a. RenFest), where I'll be running sound for [livejournal.com profile] duriyah's bellydance troupe.
Tue May 13 - Eddie Izzard at the Columbus Palace Theatre (We have our tickets!)

Wed Jun 4 - i:Scintilla at High Five
Sat Jun 7 - She Wants Revenge at the Newport Music Hall
Tue Jun 10 - Gogol Bordello at the Newport Music Hall
Fri Jun 20 - Peter Murphy at the Newport Music Hall
Fri-Sun Jun 27-29 - Comfest!
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I've been listening to the Pat Radio podcast, which is a weekly show focusing on the Columbus music scene. The show's theme song is called "OH/IO (Washington Beach Party)" (by Magic City). That song title is apparently a reference to a neighborhood just northeast of OSU. (Which in turn was apparently derived from Grand Theft Auto.)

Granted, this label for the neighborhood was apparently just coined five years ago, but considering I used to live near there I'm surprised I hadn't heard it before. Have you heard that neighborhood called Washington Beach?
There's a video for the song! )

(BTW, another music-oriented podcast I've just started listening to is Sound Opinions, a public radio show out of Chicago. The show with Bob Mould got me hooked.)
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A few months ago I started going to the monthly meetings of the Columbus Ruby Brigade, basically a computer user group of Ruby programmers.

Short version: three meetings, all useful and interesting )

So I've gotten something useful out of every meeting so far. That beats my experience at COLUG. I think I'll keep going.
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Growing up in Columbus, most of the pizza, especially from the small non-chain shops, was pretty much the same -- most characteristically, a distinctive thin semi-crisp crust and cut into small rectangles rather than triangles. I've found that people who grew up anywhere east of here aren't so fond of it though.

When I moved up to Canton (130 miles to the northeast), I found it hard to find my favorite style of pizza; the pizzas were more New York style than Columbus style. The only place to get pizza somewhat similar to my favorite style was Donato's, a chain that started in Columbus in the 60s before spreading and then being bought by McDonald's in (I think) the early 90s; it's not exactly like my favorite shops though (Tommy's, Rotolo's, Panzera's). (I also noticed that all the pizza places up there also served fried chicken and smelled like it. This still seems strange and unpleasant to me.)

Now someone's posted a list of various regional pizza styles, and I now know that Columbus-style pizza is part of a midwestern pizza tradition I didn't know about, which also includes Chicago thin-crust pizza.

Where does your favorite pizza fit on that list?
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Hey look, Watershed is touring again, and is playing in Columbus this Friday January 11 at the LC Pavilion. I'm pretty sure I'm going. How about you?
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Background: Sometime in the murky mists of time (the 70s and 80s), Ohio State University had a student-run radio station, WOSR. I don't know why it died, but when I got to OSU in the early 90s the only radio there was the staff-run classical/NPR station. At one point I was on the far periphery of a movement to get student-run and community-oriented radio back to OSU, but the best they managed was some internships at WCBE, the other (more community-oriented and musical, but also NPR-ish) public radio station in town. FCC rules and the crowded central Ohio radio spectrum prevented them from achieving their goals. Eventually a different group managed to get student-run "radio" on the campus cable system and then streaming Internet radio; after being called Underground.fm and KBUX, apparently it's now known as Ohio.fm.

Anyway, since I last paid much attention, broadcast radio have become somewhat less important as Internet radio and podcasts have become possible. But the FCC also finally changed their rules to allow low-power FM stations; this was a major goal of the early 90s group.

So today I learned about WCRS, a low-power community-oriented station being started by Simply Living, which is a local sustainability-oriented community group. Among other programming, WCRS will broadcast a local music podcast, which is how I found out about the station.

So if you're in Columbus, see if you can pick up WCRS on 102.1 or 98.3 FM. It looks like they're still in the early stages of building a schedule, so I don't know how interesting it'll be to listen to (or how far the signal goes), but it's worth keeping an eye on. It looks like they started small, with 11am-1pm Mon-Fri broadcasts, but the podcast is on at 6pm Wednesdays.
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