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In my time with [livejournal.com profile] duriyah, we've quite enjoyed cooking together. One of our most common meals has been to get out the olive oil and fry some tofu (I add ground coriander, black pepper, thyme, and maybe a little ground cayenne or chipotle chile pepper), then sauté some vegetables such as bell peppers and summer squash (plus more pepper and thyme and of course olive oil*), then toss all that over noodles (more olive oil!) or rice.

However, more recently we've been trying to cut down on the fat in our meals. Oh no, don't take away my olive oil!

But one of my cookbooks includes a section on various cooking techniques, and one technique it lists is "sweating", which I understood from the book as being a little like sautéing, but dryer, without oil, and occasionally adding just enough liquid (vegetable broth, balsamic vinegar, water) to keep things from sticking. (Subsequent research seems to indicate that my understanding of the technique may be flawed, but I'm not sure.)

In my most recent attempt we had no vegetable broth, so I used a lot of balsamic vinegar (and some water). The tasty and unique result reminded me how good balsamic vinegar is when it's reduced to a thicker syrup. Yum.

* When sautéing I usually mix the olive oil with another oil that's better for high heat.
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Growing up in Columbus, most of the pizza, especially from the small non-chain shops, was pretty much the same -- most characteristically, a distinctive thin semi-crisp crust and cut into small rectangles rather than triangles. I've found that people who grew up anywhere east of here aren't so fond of it though.

When I moved up to Canton (130 miles to the northeast), I found it hard to find my favorite style of pizza; the pizzas were more New York style than Columbus style. The only place to get pizza somewhat similar to my favorite style was Donato's, a chain that started in Columbus in the 60s before spreading and then being bought by McDonald's in (I think) the early 90s; it's not exactly like my favorite shops though (Tommy's, Rotolo's, Panzera's). (I also noticed that all the pizza places up there also served fried chicken and smelled like it. This still seems strange and unpleasant to me.)

Now someone's posted a list of various regional pizza styles, and I now know that Columbus-style pizza is part of a midwestern pizza tradition I didn't know about, which also includes Chicago thin-crust pizza.

Where does your favorite pizza fit on that list?
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I used to live two blocks away from Talita's Mexican-Italian restaurant in Clintonville, and loved to eat there.

Saturday evening they're closing for good. "Last Burrito Leaves at 8:30pm on September 15th."

So I'm going there for lunch today, to eat there one last time. (Let me know if you want to come too!)

At least someone else in the family has a restaurant, Talita's Mexican Kitchen in Grove City.
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I think I've heard that more people travel on Thanksgiving weekend than any other time of year. Unlike many people, my travels so far this weekend have been pretty relaxing.

Yesterday afternoon I drove from Canton to Columbus, but since I suspected there would be a lot of traffic backups on the interstates I took an alternate route -- US 62 winding from Canton through Amish country and forested hills to Columbus. It took about half an hour longer than my usual routes, but it was a lot more scenic.

Today I headed back to Canton in order to catch [livejournal.com profile] the_shampoo's post-Thanksgiving dinner party. I left Columbus a bit later than I'd intended, but wasn't too concerned. After all, it was a warm day for late November, and wonderfully sunny. And I had Watershed's first few CDs on the stereo the whole way. Perfect driving conditions.

A slight snag at the other end )

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm heading back to Columbus for the rest of the weekend.

Oh, and for those who've been flying this weekend, here's Airport security silliness )
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I just have to say that "Fiery Habanero" Doritos have given me a new appreciation for Doritos. Yum.

That is all.
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The other day I was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. We were out of most of the usual standbys, and I didn't feel like going to the store. Though [livejournal.com profile] nontacitare had just been on her own trip to the store, which helped matters a little.

As I stared at the cabinet trying to figure out what to make, the main thing that struck me was the two bags of tortilla chips left over from my recent takeout excursions to a local Mexican restaurant. What will I ever do with all these chips, I wondered.

Then I remembered a recipe in one of my cookbooks, "double corn tortilla casserole," which is based on two layers of torn corn tortillas. The chips would work nicely in that role. I pulled out the book and found that I only had one other exactly listed ingredient (out of seven), but I could substitute.....

the resulting recipe )

Pretty tasty for something completely unplanned!
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I've gotten really behind on podcasts since Thanksgiving, so in the last couple days I've been working on catching up. I'm still two weeks behind though.

One of my favorite podcasts is Julien Smith's In Over Your Head, out of Montreal. It's ostensibly a music podcast, exposing me to types of music that I normally wouldn't listen to (hip-hop, electronica, maybe some some sort of ambient Euro-pop, and other stuff I can't quite define). But the thing that really keeps me listening is his rants and stream-of-consciousness talk between the music.

One thing he's talked about is a vegan restaurant in Montreal that apparently takes pretentiousness to a new extreme. (You may think Dragonfly Neo-V is pretentious, but I think this one has it beat.) Read more... )

The 5-minute rant starts 5 minutes into episode 93. (At around 29 minutes he mentions that there's another vegan restaurant in Montreal that's sort of the feel-good-hippie version.)
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Turkish coffee three hours before bedtime is not necessarily the smartest idea ever. Especially when the muck at the bottom of the cup is included.

I'm not sure whether adding 2/3 of "Anansi Boys" to the insomnia helped or hurt....

On a possibly related note, my fortune for today at MyWay.com is "Just slack off today."
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They say that orange barrels are the state flower of Ohio, but this is ridiculous....

A large quadrant of our area is under construction, complete with a FOUR-MONTH closing of some streets. (Among other things, they're building the freeway bridge that my company designed.) Other than increased traffic along the surrounding detour routes, this doesn't affect me too much; I only pass the area on the way to work, while poor [livejournal.com profile] nontacitare has to find her way directly across it.

However, one of my favorite lunchtime restaurants (a southwestern-style place with the BEST tortilla chips in town and the only vegetarian tamales I've ever encountered) is right in the middle of this mess, and the detour to get there goes through an industrial area on the opposite side from where I work. A couple weeks ago I saw an article about this and decided I'd make the extra effort to go there during the road closings.

So I headed over there today. Navigated the even-more-horrible-than-usual lunchtime traffic around the region, finally made it to the restaurant.... and discovered that during the construction the place is closed for lunch, only opening at 5pm for dinner.

So I went to the Taco Bell drive-through instead.

Oh well, I tried.
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