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I spent most of the first half of this week upgrading my desktop computers at home and work from a two-year-old Debian installation to a seven-month-old Kubuntu installation.

Most of you don't care about the upgrade itself... )

But I'm discovering that the best part of this upgrade is a working (non-crashing) Amarok music player. It gives me a unified interface to play my MP3s, CDs, Internet radio streams, Last.fm streams, and almost anything else. It gives quick access to artist information, cover art, lyrics, links to related artists, and includes a rating capability (actually two, one manual and one automatic/guessing).

Unfortunately it doesn't integrate with Pandora, but its Last.fm integration beats anything I've used before. Oh, and if I had an iPod it would work with that. (I'll have to try my non-iPod portable MP3 player, but it should work as well.)

Yeah, you Windows and Mac people are probably thinking that you have all this (or similar) with iTunes or Windows Media Player, but there's one thing I know those don't have -- Amarok is extensible with user-written or downloaded scripts. So, for example, with one script I'll be able to play and control the SlimServer at home (which will, with some firewall fiddling, let me pipe my entire home music collection to work). Another one automatically pauses the music when I lock my screen (useful at work, probably not so much at home).

It's a strange feeling for my music player to make me feel like exploring all its obscure capabilities.
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I've thought it might be fun sometime to go to Notacon in Cleveland ever since I learned about it at the first Ohio LinuxFest a few years ago. But I never seriously considered going until this year. I even got on the mailing list and was alerted as $50 pre-registration was closing a week or two ago. I figured I wasn't sure about going, I'd probably only go for one day if I did go, and I was too busy to bother pre-registering.

Of course I discovered that this was a mistake.

Today I looked at the schedule and some some things that would be really interesting to attend. I'm also thinking that going there next Saturday could be the sort of fun I could really use right now. Then I saw that to register at the door is $100, with no lower-cost day-passes. I think it would be fun and interesting, but I'm not sure I'd get $100 worth of fun and interesting out of one day.

Ah well. Two months until Marcon in Columbus. And [livejournal.com profile] nontacitare already took care of the pre-registration and hotel there, so I can't mess that up. I think this year I'll check out more of the music than I have in the past.

In other geeky news, I think I finally got my 5-year-old laptop all set up with Kubuntu running on its new hard disk. (Maybe I should update my web page about it.) So far it seems to be working better than ever; for example I might not even need to use a PCMCIA card to get public wireless access anymore, just hit a key to activate the wireless adapter on the back cover. It's kind of odd seeing its old hard drive sitting bare on top of my other machine, hooked up through an IDE-to-USB adapter -- especially when it whirs to life as I read data from it.
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I've had some surprising technical sucesses lately....
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On the other hand, I finally got around to looking into the fact that my FunkNet icon no longer showed up as the "favicon" for my LiveJournal pages. Turns out LJ apparently started filtering out the HTML tag I used to make that work, forcing their pencil icon back. :-(
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