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Two weeks ago I started writing about a busy weekend, and got about halfway through it before putting it down. When I thought about continuing, I realized that my writeup was way too long and boring. Meanwhile, I had another (much quieter) weekend, and then a weekend together with my wife. But I still felt like I had unfinished business.

So, trashing the long writeup I attempted before, here's a quick rundown of the past three weekends....

Busy )

Quiet )

Together )

Ah, now I feel better.... all is right in this part of the world again. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 09:09am on 07/06/2005 under , , , , ,
So yesterday Debian finally released version 3.1, "Sarge", as a stable release. It's been almost three years since their last stable release. So when someone at Slashdot dared to ask when the next release would be, the response came:
These are some of the things that happened between Debian releases: a) The Olympic games returned to Greece. b) The Pope died. c) A German Pope got elected in a conclave. d) Apple switched to Intel. e) Watergate's Deep Throat identity was revealed. f) The French rejected the European Constitution g) Boston won the World Series. So just sit, be patient and wait for the signals my son.
And all that just happened in the past year!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to upgrade some servers for the last time for a while....
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1. Between my MP3 player, my camera, and my 1GB flash drive, I have lots of use for the "USB Mass-Storage" interface. I use four different computers that I can connect these to -- all running Linux of course, kernel versions 2.6.7,, and The only one of these that actually works properly and consistently with those USB devices is the one running kernel 2.6.7, the oldest of these versions.
I may never upgrade my kernel again.

2. Debian is finally getting close to releasing the latest stable version of Debian Linux, called "sarge". People are scrambling to make sure their pet programs make it into the release.... to the point of parody.

3. I switched funknet.net web and email over to a new hosting company (DrakNet, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] chronarchy's suggestion) a few weeks ago, right about the same time I was moving my company's email from an old Windows IMail server over to a new Postfix-based mail server I set up myself. The spam at work went down dramatically thanks to a combination of antispam techniques (SMTP protocol checks, sender domain validation, greylisting, realtime blacklists, local blacklists, and SpamAssassin) I used there, but simultaneously the amount of spam I get at home went up because DrakNet seems to use only one or two of those techniques (SpamAssassin, maybe an RBL or two) while I lost the use of my well-trained bogofilter. So now I'm working on tuning and training SpamAssassin.

4. I love Konqueror as a web browser, except when I'm typing these entries on my slow laptop and it loses characters because it's too busy checking my spelling or something. Doesn't it know I was once a spelling champ?! (Well, except for "perculator percolator"....)

Update: 5. I forgot this one before... The movie studios are putting out a new media format. "Studios are embracing the format because, unlike current DVDs, the new discs include robust features to prevent the movies from being illegally copied." Heh, replace "DVDs" with "videotapes" in that statement and flash back to the 90s! I guess that means that DVDs' CSS encryption is now officially obsolete, and DeCSS is now acceptable.

Oh yeah, and I think I need to start keeping better track of the calendar, since I missed Dramarama and The English Beat last Friday. :-(
I did get to see and chat with Watershed when they came around though.
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 02:50pm on 02/10/2004 under , , , , , ,
I'm sitting here at the Hyatt Regency Columbus at the second Ohio LinuxFest, and so far the most interesting talk was about Security-Enhanced Linux. But it wasn't interesting only for the obvious reasons; it was also interesting because it reminded me of some mildly annoying namespace clashes in technology:

When someone mentions "MAC", it could be a reference to:
- An Apple Macintosh
- Medium Access Control on an ethernet network, or the hardware address used in that protocol
- Mandatory Access Control security

Then we also have:
- eMacs, the type of Apple computers
- Emacs, the "extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor."

I've also learned enough about FreeBSD here that I might give that another try; the last time I tried it was in the late 90s with version 3.something.
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 10:45am on 01/09/2004 under , , ,
This makes me laugh every time I type it:
vi ~/.emacs
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