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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 17/01/2010
  • Sun 7:30pm At Wall St for burlesque / HRC benefit! #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 15/01/2010
  • Fri 9:52am turned on ask-before-accepting-cookies again in my browser. Amazed at how many sites wanna set cookies from one page. Reject Reject Reject! #
  • Fri 3:20pm Hearing all-80s music at a business reminds me too much of all-60s oldies back in the 80s. But the Plimsouls! Psychedelic Furs! So I'm old. #
  • Fri 5:08pm catching up on music podcasts, happy to hear Jason Evangelho back on his great @InsomniaRadio after too long away. insomniaradio.net/ #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 14/01/2010
  • Thu 9:21am twitpic.com/y1rdv - My office building is a little more welcoming now. #
  • Thu 2:36pm Bethel Rd Baja Fresh is gone, being turned into a Chipotle. Are there any others left in Columbus? #
  • Thu 2:38pm Micro Center employee asks if I need help. I tell him what I'm looking for. He stares at shelves like a lump while I find it myself. Thanks! #
  • Thu 3:09pm Ah, Baja Fresh closed all its Columbus locations. Gotta go to Detroit? :-( is.gd/6gPu1 /via @facemelter #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 13/01/2010
  • Wed 2:37pm Rare event: I had a legitimate reason to send an email as HTML (w/ color!) rather than just plain text. Watch out for lightning and lottery. #
  • Wed 5:45pm en_US stole my case-sensitive operating system, and I want it back. #
  • Wed 7:06pm heard (and enjoyed) the NirGaga mashup because EMI wanted it taken down. When will they learn? #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 10/01/2010
  • Sun 12:00pm RT @gilesgoatboy looks like you can get a DeLorean in great condition for about $25K || I like this idea, except that they're 30 years old. #
  • Sun 7:00pm wondering what happened to some files that were on an old computer and I thought I'd copied long ago. Have the old disk, but it won't go.... #
  • Sun 10:29pm starting to think it might be time to replace my 2002-era desktop computer. Better pay for car fixes first. Yay for dual P-III longevity. #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 09/01/2010
  • Sat 12:26pm My neck hurts when I see someone trying to hold a cell phone to their ear with their shoulder. Meanwile the phones keep getting thinner. Ow! #
  • Sat 12:28pm Pretty sure the car shouldn't have exhaust fumes inside. Back to the shop. #
  • Sat 3:24pm Wasted 3 hours of a perfectly good Saturday afternoon, and now have a car that smells like oil instead of exhaust. Assured it's temporary. #
  • Sat 10:18pm should've realized earlier in the series where the name Rossum came from. RUR was one of my favorite plays in Theatre162. is.gd/5ZgpR #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 08/01/2010
  • Fri 7:04am would mind this weather a little less if it weren't hindering me from retrieving my car after nearly two weeks without it. #
  • Fri 8:51am 3-5 inches (up to 8" by the garage) times a 300-yard driveway = a hell of a lot of snow. Shoveling it all seems unlikely. Stuck till spring? #
  • Fri 12:17pm Neighbor plowed! Then I shoveled and salted. A few steps closer to retrieving my car. #
  • Fri 2:06pm got the car back! (Now Sydney gets her car to herself again!) Then went into work.... and found that most who had come in have already left. #
  • Fri 2:30pm just realized that a CD spindle can substitute for a 5/8"-diameter desktop microphone stand. Preferably with CDs, for stability. #
  • Fri 6:37pm testing Audacity with a decent microphone and headphones is slightly addictive. I see how people can get obsessive about background noise. #
  • Fri 9:07pm ...and then promptly got stuck in the plowed driveway back at home. Luckily the groundhogs gave us plenty of loose dirt to use for traction. #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 07/01/2010
  • Thu 10:46am Hey wow, my latest Kubuntu/KDE update seems to have fixed all my copy-paste problems! #
  • Thu 10:48am watching the radar map, trying to figure out when the heavy snow will arrive and when to head home to beat it. #
  • Thu 1:18pm got home in front of most of the snow. Hope we'll be able to get out tomorrow. Also hope to be able to pick up my car soon. #
  • Thu 1:23pm So weird when a blog-style site these days has no RSS feed. Even weirder when they have a Twitter feed instead. #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 04/01/2010
  • Mon 12:19pm Walked by a Republican web-development company that seems to have used a street-facing window as a project whiteboard. Dumb or misdirection? #
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posted by [personal profile] rfunk at 11:00pm on 01/01/2010
  • Fri 12:01pm Sigh, Y2010 bug in SpamAssassin. Easily fixable though: lwn.net/Articles/368396 ... Email is no longer a reliable medium. :-( #
  • Fri 9:53pm Tried out our new Indian cookbook with some tarka dal! But now we need more ginger. #


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